Who We Are

The Actors Workshop of South Florida was established in January 2002, in Boca Raton, establishing the first permanent 'Ongoing' workshop for adult students, which has made us a lasting part of the Palm Beach, Broward and Dade cultural community. We continue to grow, and with capacity classes, Jane has included private coaching and 'Short programs'. Further projects continue to develop with her relationship with Artistic Directors and Agencies, and the career opportunites that have many of our students able to call themselves 'working actor'.
We offer 'Introductory' classes for beginners and professionals, and our 'Ongoing' workshop for those interested in a professional career or local theater groups, with training in theatre, film and television. We network industry information, with the opportunity to perform in our 'Repertory theatre company' and showcases.

Workshop Goal is to create a workshop, with training that teaches the student only the consistent tools used by a professional working actor and director, the craft of acting, in the closest environment to the workings of the industry, and not the many things learned in acting schools and classrooms but never used. Now in our 18 th year we have seen the consistent success of that goal! 

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About the Director

Jnae Founding Director Jane Kelly began working professionally as an actress and singer when she was nine years old, and has over 30 years professional experience, working in London, Australia, Japan, Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans, in theatre, film and television. She was a casting director in Los Angeles for two years. When Jane re-located to Florida from New York she began teaching children and adults but quickly realized that although children had opportunities to study acting, there was no permanently established workshop for adults, and the mature teenager had little opportunity for professional training.  So she founded 'The Actors Workshop of South Florida', and has been proud to share her professional knowledge and techniques about the craft of acting to change people's lives, as they changed hers.

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Director's Chair

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"In a safe environment…students develop an acting technique that they can use to perform or enhance their creative and professional abilities." - Joyce Shelfo, Boca News (04-22-2002)

"Jane delivers a dynamic, artistic, safe and creative environment for experienced and amateur actors to grow and explore theatre and acting." - Cindy Goldberg, Student

"Jane is a dynamic, experienced, teacher and director who brings both a solid professional perspective and a genuine caring for her actors. I would recommend this workshop to anyone". - James Steere, Student 

"For any individual who is pursuing an acting career, whether you are experienced or a beginner, I recommend this extraordinary workshop that has personally changed my life and enhanced my passion as an actor." - Kari Budyk, Student 

"The technique is my anchor at auditions, and without it, I’d be floundering." - Mason Ames, Student

"The workshop has made me stronger as an actor and a person." - Jeff Barton, Student

"The workshop is magical. It has shown me how to develop talents I didn’t know I had. Most incredible!" - Susan Dubow, Student

"This is a wonderful way to discover and develop another aspect of myself. Life just keeps getting fuller." - Joanne Paciello, Student

"The workshop has changed my life. I have found a home." - Marc Spivack, Student

"It takes you out of your 9-5, and your 5-9, and into places you didn’t know you could go." - David Hayes, Student

"I’ve just never had so much fun!" - John Taylor, Student 

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Press Releases

Profiled by 'The Sun Sentinel', 'Skip Sheffield of 'The Boca News', 'Palm Beach Post', 'Miami Herald', 'New Times' and Iris Acker 'Onstage' television program. Jane comments "The Acting Technique I teach has had a profound effect on my life, and I continue to be passionate to work with other adults so they can have an experience which enriches and changes their lives regardless of whether they go on to act professionally".

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